A Powerful Tool forAnalyzing & Summarizing Legal Documents

Our tool is designed to save your time and reduce complexity in legal processes. Whether you're a law firm, a corporate legal department, or an individual dealing with legal documents, our solution is built for you.


We Provide You Two Main Services

We offer modern solutions for legal analysis. You can go through contracts, spot potential issues, and simplify dense legal documents into easy-to-read summaries.

spot-1Document Analysis

Leverage the power of our advanced AI technology that examines contracts and other legal documents in depth. It detects potential risks and issues with impressive accuracy, ensuring you're aware of any pitfalls before you proceed.

spot-2Document Summarization

Benefit from our robust LLM (Legal Language Model) that converts dense, lengthy legal documents into brief, one-page summaries. This model retains all crucial information and transforms it into a simpler format, providing you a swift and thorough overview of the document at a glance.

Why To Use Our Product ?


Contract Risk Analysis - Uncovering Hidden Pitfalls

When you're presented with a legal contract, it's essential to conduct a thorough risk analysis to ensure there are no potential hazards hidden between the lines. Leglaysis excels at this by utilizing its advanced AI technology to meticulously examine the contract's content. It goes beyond simple keyword scanning and delves deep into the legal language, identifying nuanced clauses and potential liabilities that might be easily overlooked by human eyes. With this comprehensive risk analysis, you can make informed decisions, negotiate better terms, and safeguard your interests before proceeding with the contract.

Transparent Understanding - Know What You're Signing

Signing a legal document without a clear understanding of its contents can lead to serious consequences. Leglaysis provides you with the clarity you need. Our AI-powered tool dissects complex legalese and converts it into clear and comprehensible language. This makes it easier for individuals, not just legal professionals, to grasp the implications of the document. By having a transparent understanding of what you're signing, you can confidently enter agreements, knowing that you are fully aware of your rights and obligations.

Cross-Country Risk Pointing - Navigating Legal Differences

Navigating legal systems across different countries can be daunting, as laws vary significantly. Leglaysis addresses this concern by pinpointing potential risks in legal documents based on the country of origin's laws. Its AI model is trained to recognize jurisdiction-specific regulations, enabling it to highlight any inconsistencies or non-compliance that may arise due to these differences. Whether you're dealing with international contracts or legal matters spanning multiple jurisdictions, Leglaysis ensures you're aware of the potential challenges and compliance issues relevant to each country involved.

Document Summarization - Condensing Large Documents with Precision

Long, intricate legal documents can be overwhelming and time-consuming to read through in their entirety. Leglaysis streamlines this process by offering a concise summarization service. Leveraging the power of our LLM (Legal Language Model), the tool extracts the key points, critical details, and significant implications from the lengthy document. The result is a well-structured, one-page summary that retains all essential information, providing you with a swift and comprehensive overview of the document's content. This summarization feature saves you valuable time while ensuring you don't miss any critical insights buried in the extensive text.

Flexible Credit Packages

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